Course directors:
    Vanja Bašić Kes, University of Zagreb, Croatia
    Jelena Drulović, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    Azra Alajbegović Kurtović, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Osman Sinanović, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Course description:

    The availability of novel diagnostic and treatment options in management of multiple sclerosis (MS) have challenged neurologists in daily clinical practice. The goal of this course is to update participants about ever evolving MS pathogenesis and adhere up-to-date diagnostic criteria in patient selection and comprehensive overview of available therapies. A clinical cases based approach will be used to encourage discussion and scientific exchange between participants and the panel of MS experts. Course will be organized through lectures, seminars, case reports and workshops held by the professors and teaching staff. Learning objectives are: to gain knowledge of immunopathogenesis of MS; to integrate clinical and neuroimaging findings into the accurate diagnosis of MS and diferential diagnosis (NMO spectar disorders and other demyelinating entities), to learn about the risks and benefits of currently available drugs for MS and symptomatic management of MS treatment paradigm. This course is appropriate for neurologists who specialize in MS as well as other clinicians with a special interest or focus on this disease.

    ECTS requirements

    The course will be accredited by 4 ECTS credits. Requirements to earn those credits are interesting case presentations and final assessment.